Do you support VHDL 2008?

Yes, but if you find something missing, please file a bug report.

Why does VHDL-Tool reject my perfectly valid code?

It has been tested on all the open source VHDL code we can find. However, VHDL is a large and complex language and there are almost certainly things we got wrong. File a bug report.

Why don't you support editor X?

Probably because it does not support the Language Server Protocol. If your favourite editor does support the Language Server Protocol, and is not supported by VHDL-Tool, raise an issue.

Why should I use VHDL-Tool instead of some other VHDL editor?

Since VHDL-Tool uses the Language Server Protocol protocol to communicate with your editor, its features are available in all compatible editors. This includes editors like Vim and Emacs which, while extremely capable of text editing, do not traditionally support ide-like features. Say goodbye to Eclipse forever!

In addition to editor support, VHDL-Tool is very fast. Syntax checking, type checking and linting happen instantly. Autocompletions pop up immediately, and definitions are found without delay.

What does your feature road map look like?

We plan to add support for snippets and basic refactoring such as renaming variables/signals/ports across files.

Do you plan to support Verilog?

One day.